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Products For Sale

Steuben County REMC offers the following items to encourage members to maintain efficient electrical systems for their lighting, water heater and surge protection needs. For more information, please contact the office at (260) 665-3563.

LED/CFL Lightbulbs: Compact flourescent lightbulbs use one-fourth the electricity of a regular incandescent bulb and last much longer. And now these bulbs qualify for a $1.50 rebate per package through POWER MOVES®! (limit 25 per member/per year). LED bulbs use about one-tenth the electricity of an incandescent bulb and have a much longer lifespan. These bulbs qualify for a $7.50 rebate through the POWER MOVES® program.

TCP Spring Light: Soft White 23W (equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb)  $2.10 + tax

Cree A19P: Daylight 11W (equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb)  $9.50 + tax 


50 Gallon Electric Water Heaters: Special member-only pricing, just $175(+ tax)!

High efficiency A.O. Smith water heaters come in two sizes, 60.5" x 22" (tall) or 49.75" x 24" (short). Unit must be installed on REMC lines. Unit must be purchased by an REMC member. Member agrees to installation of a demand response switch upon purchase.

A.O. Smith High Efficiency Electric Water Heater   $175+ tax


We also offer Whole Home Surge Protection.

Meter Mounted Surge Protector
High quality surge protection mounted at the electrical meter for residential “whole house” protection. The SurgeGuard provides heavy duty protection from the constant attack of transient voltages as well as high energy surge currents from nearby lightning strikes.

The Esktrom SurgeGuard is designed for installation into single phase, four or five jaw meter sockets rated up to 320 amps. The primary use is for residential and light commercial facilities.

Superior Performance
The Esktrom SurgeGuard utilizes a high energy suppression circuit which provides 100,000 peak amps of surge protection to protect home office equipment, entertainment systems, or other electronic household appliances.

The Esktrom SurgeGuard meets strict safety requirements and has been listed to meet specific test standards.

Easy Installation
The Esktrom SurgeGuard quickly plugs into the meter socket to protect against any disturbance originating outside the home.


  • Provides "whole house" protection
  • Prevents operating without protection
  • Keeps valuable electronics safe even in the worst electrical conditions
  • Prevents dangerous failure events

Whole house surge protection can be installed for $6.28 per month plus tax.

(requires a 12 month contract)


Meter Bases: We offer meter base purchases to our members at discounted prices.

100 Amp Overhead $30.00 $2.10 $32.10
200 Amp Overhead $35.00 $2.45 $37.45
200 Amp Underground $50.00 $3.50 $53.50
200 Amp Right Hand Feed $60.00 $4.20 $64.20
200 Amp Underground Dual Lugs $60.00 $4.20 $64.20
400 Amp Underground $220.00 $15.40 $235.40


Non-Member Pricing:

100 Amp Overhead $35.00 $2.45 $37.45
200 Amp Overhead $42.00 $2.94 $44.94
200 Amp Underground $60.00 $4.20 $64.20
200 Amp Right Hand Feed $70.00 $4.90 $74.90
200 Amp Underground Dual Lugs $70.00 $4.90 $74.90
400 Amp Underground $230.00 $16.10 $246.10


Security Lights

Security Light with New Pole $300.00 + tax
40W LED Security Light $148.00 + tax

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